Tree of Life - Kory Caudill

“For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of sharing my music with listeners throughout the world,” Caudill says. “My hope is that I have created music that inspires people, and allows audiences to share in the joy that I feel when performing. I am completely overwhelmed, honored, and humbled to have a company such as Suite 28 take a chance on me and what I do. This is a real dream come true for me and my family, and we can't wait to begin this exciting chapter of our lives!"

As with many artists who compose the music that they perform, Caudill often looks to the things around him for inspiration. The title track of Tree of Life was inspired by a quilt that was made by his grandmother. Caudill explains, “The beauty of instrumental music is that it allows for personal interpretations and is not bound to specific memories or events that are portrayed by the artist. For me, this song is about family, and the people who have given selflessly to make the world a great place for my generation. The song title comes from a beautiful quilt my grandmother, Juanita, designed. On the quilt is a tree with a limb representing each family member.”