Heel - Dogs of Peace

“When we were making this record, we decided that if the only thing to happen with it, was that we would place it before The Lord, and have Him find it to be a fragrant offering, then that alone was reason enough.”
 – Gordon Kennedy

In 1996, Gordon Kennedy and Jimmie Sloas joined together to form the band Dogs of Peace.  Sloas and Kennedy already had successful careers in the industry: Sloas as a studio musician, artist (The Imperials), and producer (PFR, Switchfoot), and Kennedy as a studio musician and songwriter, raising his visibility with the worldwide Eric Clapton hit “Change The World”.  Their debut album was released in 1996 on Sparrow Records / EMI.  John Hammond and Blair Masters, both with successful careers as studio musicians, came on board to round out the band.  They then added producer/ engineer Jeff Balding to complete the production team to record their debut album, which was released in 1996 on Sparrow Records / EMI

“Heel reminds me of how records used to me made, it’s a listening experience from start to finish!”
 – Brown Bannister

Their debut album Speak became a mainstay in the music playlist of many devoted followers who still have it on their playlist.  For some, it was a trend setting album, which influenced artists and musicians around the world.  Since its release, many have reached out to the band and asked, “when there would be a follow up to Speak?  Feeding on that inspiration and encouragement from fans, the original band members came together with Jeff Balding to embark on a follow up to their debut album.  Heel took almost three years to be written, recorded, and mixed.  What makes this music so special is that it was created on their own terms without any compromise, and the result is their sophomore album, Heel.

Special guest appearances by Peter Frampton, Ricky Skaggs, Joel Hanson (PRF), Rick Florian (Whiteheart), The McCrary Sisters and producer / musician Michael Omartian.